Getting Started

1. Connect your MYNT EYE camera

Thank you for purchasing the MYNT EYE camera!

Unpack your MYNT EYE and plug the camera in a USB 3.0 port. The MYNT EYE is a UVC compliant camera so it should be automatically recognized by your computer.

2. Download and install the MYNT EYE SDK

The MYNT EYE SDK is avalible for Linux, macOS, Windows and Nvidia Jetson boards. Get the latest MYNT EYE SDK from our downloads page.

The following guides show you how to get started with your MYNT EYE on different platforms:

3. Run the MYNT EYE Previewer

The MYNT EYE Previewer uses the SDK to capture and display the images and depth map.

4. Play with the samples

The SDK contains some samples to show you how to use the SDK, please see "samples/" to learn more.