SDK Introduction

SDK Structure

The SDK could be installed to a arbitrary location. Just run the install script under the SDK directory.

The SDK files contain following directories:

  • apps/ MYNT EYE camera demo apps source code
    • 3rdparty/ Apps dependencies
  • bin/ Windows dlls files required by Windows SDK
  • doc/ Documentations and licences
    • api/ API documentation on Web format
    • license/ Licenses of the SDK and its third-parties
  • deps/ OpenCV dependencies required by Windows SDK
  • include/ C/C++ header files
  • lib/ Libraries files required to link with the SDK (".so" on Linux, ".dylib" on macOS and ".lib" on Windows)
    • 3rdparty/ Libraries dependencies
  • samples/ Samples source codes about how to use SDK
  • tools/ MYNT EYE camera binary executables tools
  • Install script to configure the SDK ("install.bat" on Windows)
  • README Readme about how to get started with your MYNT EYE

Please read the README file or the Getting Started section to get started with application development.

IMU Introduction

IMU has 3-axis accelerometer and 3-axis gyroscope to detect linear acceleration and rotational rate.

IMU sampling rate is 250 Hz.

IMU Axis

IMU Rotation and Translation

Right-handed coordinate system, RUB (right-up-back).

IMU Rotation matrix (rotate 90° around the z-axis):

[0, -1, 0,
 1,  0, 0,
 0,  0, 1]

Translation vector from camera to IMU (in meter):

Camera Left [ 0.07608, -0.00312, -0.01464]
Camera Right [-0.04392, -0.00312, -0.01464]

The value of z-axis is from the center of the lens to the board. The deviation maybe ±0.25mm because of the difference in focal length.

IMU Noise Density and Random Walk

Noise Density Random Walk
Accelerometer 7.6509e-02 5.3271e-02
Gyroscope 9.0086e-03 5.5379e-05

3D Models

  • Product Case for 3D Printing
    • mynt_eye_s_no_ir_case_v1.stp.stl

3D models are stored in 3dmodel directory of our online disks: Google Drive, 百度网盘.