Product description

MYNT® EYE S Series includes MYNT EYE S, MYNT EYE SE and MYNT EYE SC. The “Binocular + IMU” inertial navigation solution for MYNT® EYE S Series provides accurate six-axis complementary data for vSLAM applications and is more accurate and robust than other single solutions.

Combined with self-developed camera synchronization, auto exposure, and white balance control camera technology, MYNT® EYE S Series provides a CUDA-based GPU real-time acceleration solution that outputs high-precision, synchronized image sources to help reduce the difficulty of algorithm development and speed up the efficiency of algorithm research and development. At the same time, MYNT EYE S is equipped with a six-axis sensor (IMU) and an infrared active light (IR). Among them, six-axis sensor (IMU) can provide data complementation and correction for the research of visual positioning algorithm, suitable for algorithm research of visual inertial odometer (VIO), help improve positioning accuracy; infrared active light (IR) can help solve the problem of identifying indoor white walls and non-textured objects, and improve the recognition accuracy of image sources. The difference between MYNT EYE SE and MYNT EYE S is that MYNT EYE SE does not include IR and offers customers with lower cost hardware. MYNT EYE SC provides 8cm/12cm optional baseline solution, super wide angle 146°FOV, providing a wider depth recognition range and accuracy level, with color image sensor, upgraded brand new BMI088 six-axis IMU, IR active light, I2C time synchronization Chip, global shutter, etc., with resolutions up to 1280x800/60fps and accuracy is up to centimeters. In addition, MYNT EYE S Series also provides a rich SDK interface and VSLAM open source project support, which can help customers quickly integrate solutions, accelerate the product development process, and achieve rapid productization and implementation.

As a hardware product for research and development of stereo vision computing applications, MYNT® EYE S Series can be widely used in a field of visual positioning navigation (vSLAM), including visual real-time positioning navigation system of driverless vehicle and robots, visual positioning system of UAV, obstacle avoidance navigation system for driverless Vehicle, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), etc. At the same time, it can be used in a field of visual recognition, including Stereoscopic face recognition, three-dimensional object recognition, space motion tracking, three-dimensional gestures, and somatosensory recognition. And of course, you can use it for measurement which includes assisted driving system (ADAS), binocular volume calculation, industrial visual screening, etc. At present, MYNTAI has carried out service and cooperation with more than 500 domestic and foreign enterprise clients.

In order to ensure the quality of the output data of the camera products, we have calibrated the binocular and IMU. The product has passed various hardware stability tests, such as high- temperature and humidity continuous work and operation, low-temperature dynamic aging, high-temperature operation, low-temperature storage, whole-machine thermal shock, sinusoidal vibration and random vibration tests to ensure the stability and reliability of the product. In addition to the research and development of products and technologies, it can also be directly applied to mass production, accelerating the process from R&D to productization.