How to upgrade the firmware

Please use the MYNT EYE TOOL to upgrade the firmware

You can download the firmware and MYNT EYE TOOL installation package in the Firmwares folder of MYNTEYE_BOX . The file structure is as follows:

├─Checksum.txt                 # file checksum
├─MYNTEYE_S_2.2.0.img      # firmware
└─                    # MYNTEYE TOOL zip

The firmware upgrade program currently only supports Windows, so you need to operate under Windows. Proceed as follows:

Download preparation

  • Download and unzip
  • Download firmware, such as MYNTEYE_S_2.2.0_rc0.img
    • Please refer to Firmware and SDK compatibility to select the firmware suitable for the SDK version
    • Please refer to Checksum.txt to find the firmware check code as follows:
      • Run the command in CMD certutil -hashfile <*.img> MD5 .
      • If the check code is incorrect, it means that the download went wrong. Please download it again!


  • Double click on setup.msi and install the application.

Update Firmware

  • Plug in the MYNT® EYE camera into a USB3.0 port
  • Open MYNT EYE TOOL and select Options/FirmwareUpdate .
  • Click Update .
  • A warning dialog box will pop up, click yes .
    • This operation will erase the firmware, for details see README.
      • Usually, the MYNT EYE TOOL automatically installs the driver during the upgrade process.
      • If the upgrade fails, refer to README.
../../_images/firmware_update_warning.png ../../_images/firmware_update_dir.png
  • In the open file selection box, select the firmware you want to upgrade and start upgrading.
  • Once the upgrade is complete, the status will changes to Succeeded.
  • Close the MYNT EYE TOOL,finish.


If you can’t find MYNT image device, WestBridge_driver, and Cypress USB BootLoader at the same time in the device manager, try another computer to perform the above operation. If you can not upgrade successfully, please contact us in time.

Manually update drivers

  • If the application indicates that you failed to update, you may fail to install the driver automatically. You can try to install the driver manually and then update it. The following is the manual installation of the driver.
  • Open device manager, locate WestBridge_driver device, and right click Update Driver,select [application directory]WestBridge_driver\[corresponding system folders](If it is more than win7, choose wlh)\[system bits] .
  • For example,if it is the win10 64 bit system computer,and the application is installed under the default path,you should select C:\Program Files (x86)\slightech\MYNT EYE Camera Tool\wlh\x64.
  • After the installation driver is successful, you can find the Cypress USB BootLoader device in the device manager.
  • Then plug in the camera and open the application again to update.


During the first time you open the MYNT® EYE camera after a firmware update, please hold the camera steadily for 3 seconds, for a zero drift compensation process. You can also call the API RunOptionAction(Option::ZERO_DRIFT_CALIBRATION) for zero drift correction.